Lillian Carter was a pioneer, a woman ahead of her time. Her story has as much resonance today as when her son was President of the United States. Never has the need for her messages of equality and inclusivity been greater than they are today.

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The Story

Miss Lillian – The Lillian Carter Story is important not only because of its historical relevance but also that the social significance of her messages resonate today. Lillian Carter was more than a President’s mother; she was a social activist and great humanitarian.

As it remains today, it was not fashionable to speak out with regard to social issues, especially in the Deep South. Lillian Carter refused to remain silent about any injustice. Miss Lillian was not only audacious, but she was also incredibly brave. 

She saw no difference in people based on race or socio-economic status. Trained as a nurse, she worked days in a hospital, and, at night, she cared for African American families in their homes. They were her friends and neighbors; she provided them health care to which they otherwise would not have had access.

Carol Swarbrick (“Miss Lillian”) and President Jimmy Carter

She supported the Brooklyn Dodgers for having the courage to bring Jackie Robinson into Major League Baseball becoming a lifelong Dodgers fan, even throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before the Game 4 of the 1977 World Series in Los Angeles. 

At the age of 68, Mrs. Carter joined the Peace Corps and was serving in India when she turned 70. There, too, she took a stand against racial bias (in the form of the caste system).  She spent much of her time working with patients who were considered “the untouchables.” 

 In the words of President Carter: “Mother said: Don’t be afraid to take a chance on doing something that seems impossible if you think it’s important.”

The Cast

Carol Swarbrick delivers a stunning portrayal of Lillian Carter. President Jimmy Carter offers a rare and unique call-and-response to his mother’s story. Along with President Carter, there are interviews with Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, Sam Donaldson, family members and friends, including Tommy Lasorda of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Carol Swarbrick (“Miss Lillian”), Director Vivian Winther, Producer Steven Ullman

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